“Chronic Diarrhea” (cont.)

TSH (thyrotropin)-Receptor Antibodies: Negative Radioactive Iodine Uptake (RAIU) scan: High, multi-nodular uptake The patient was diagnosed with Toxic Multinodular Goiter. She was started on propranolol and methimazole and her symptoms resolved. In one month, her TSH and free T4 levels normalized. She received elective thyroidectomy and was subsequently initiated on levothyroxine. For more, see hyperthyroidism

“Coughing Up Blood” part 2

Patient is intubated for airway protection. She is also resuscitated with 2 liters of IV crystalloid fluids. Initial workup elicits the following: Lab WBC 10.2 (normal differential), Hgb 11.4, Plt 190K Na+ 136, K+ 4.0, Cl– 110, HCO3– 24, BUN 52, Cr 2.6, Glucose 112 AST: 27, ALT 25, Total Bilirubin 0.2, Albumin 3.2 ABG:Continue reading ““Coughing Up Blood” part 2″